Thursday, September 22, 2011

Greenhouse Fabrics Outbound Team

Let’s face it, life is not easy. In fact, some things in life are hard because we must figure them out on our own; things are easier when we have the help of an expert, someone with some experience. Changing a flat tire would be easier with a NASCAR pit crew by your side, and taking a test like the SAT may be easier with an Ivy League Graduate helping, so why should getting fabric help be any different? That’s where the Greenhouse Fabrics Outbound Team comes in.

Angela, Sandy, and Lisa

Each Outbound Team Member is like your inside salesperson to help you boost sales. They have access to all of the resources here at Greenhouse. If you need help matching a fabric or finding coordinates for a pattern, call in and they will work with you, look for you, and send you samples. Working on any large projects? The Outbound team will help you with quotes on any large projects you might be working on at the time, helping you land more jobs. If you are having any website issues or fabric issues, call in and they can walk you through getting the problem resolved. Also, once you have placed a large order with us, they follow up with you to check on the progress of the job and see if you need anything else!

The Greenhouse Outbound Team loves being there for you and getting to know you better so they can meet your needs. “Some of my customers I feel I can call a friend rather than a customer. It is especially great when I get to attend shows and meet them face to face,” says Tabitha. Angela enjoys the personal interaction with customers and “the sense of accomplishment when you are able to meet their needs and make them happy.” Our newest Outbound member, Tiffany, enjoys forming relationships with people all over the country!

Tiffany, Tabitha, and Teresa
Our Account Managers will go out of their way to make sure all your needs are met. Some of them have even done some crazy things for customers, just because they care about you! Tabitha once picked up and delivered some window treatments to a customer when she was out of town, and Lisa sang happy birthday to someone over the phone! Tiffany found 500 yards of material that we didn’t even carry for one of her customers, and Sandy put together special Valentines for one of her favorite clients, James Dean. Some of you may remember him from our previous Customer Spotlight blog!

It all comes down to you being happy. That is our Outbound Team’s number one goal! “They have someone to ask directly if they need help or have a complaint,” says Teresa. Lisa is happy that customers “know we will work very hard to find what they need, it doesn’t matter if we carry a product or not. They put their trust in us.”

So anything you need, the Outbound Team is at your service. At Greenhouse, we want you to be happy!


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