Thursday, July 7, 2011

Greenhouse Fabrics Customer Spotlight: James from Dean's Custom Upholstery

Everyone knows James Dean as the iconic actor who starred in the 1955 hit movie Rebel Without A Cause. If you live near Junction City, Kansas, you have probably heard of James Dean as well, however they are not the same person. Dean’s Custom Upholstery is a small upholstery shop in Junction City, Kansas, and the owner, you guessed it, James Dean.

A gift to the Greenhouse Angels

James has been working with Greenhouse Fabrics for years and has used our fabric to reupholster many pieces of furniture, but when you ask anyone in the office about James, they smile and talk about how wonderful he is.

James adopted the women here at Greenhouse several years ago as his Angels. Similar to Charlie and his angels, the angels here at Greenhouse will occasionally complete a task that James may need. The difference is James’ Angels task may be to find some fabric or some materials, while Charlie may have more drastic missions.

With business slowing down recently, James is now partially retired, but still makes it a point to call his Angels and make sure things are going well. Whether it be sending money to buy lunch for everyone at Christmas or sending a birthday card on a birthday, James is always willing to give.

A picture of James sent to Greenhouse
“I had a leather order with Greenhouse that I would call in and check on. Every time I called in the ladies in the office were so nice and sweet in helping me and talking with me. I would send them things on holidays and birthdays and they would send me gifts, like the Valentine’s Day cards they each made for me, I will probably take them to the grave,” said James with a smile (Yes, I heard him smile over the phone).


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  1. Love it! I live by Mr. Dean and he is the one who trained me. He is like a father to me and the dearest man you have ever met. He loves all of you at Greenhouse and I know he has appreciated the things you have done for him.

    Susan Taussig
    Upholstery Creations by Susan