Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Greenhouse Fabrics and Charlene Neal Pure Style

Everyone at Greenhouse Fabrics always loves seeing our customers' finished projects.  When a customer e-mails their personal Customer & Fabric Specialist with pictures from their recent projects, the photos make their rounds in the office so everyone can see the beautiful work. One of our customers, Charlene Neal Pure Style recently shared these pictures with us, and we wanted to share them with you!  

As you will see, they do fantastic work!  They always look for great deals on our Fabric on Sale category and many of our New Fabrics Every Month!  Check out their website for more information!

The fabric on the sofa was a sale fabric.  What a value!

The yellow fabric on the chairs was also on sale!  

203275S Blue Topaz in the drapes.  Beautiful!

Pattern 203215S Candy Pink looks AMAZING! We have other colors too!

A4566 Onyx looks great in this dog-lover's room.  How would you use it?

Hopefully you draw inspiration from these projects.  If you have any pictures from your recent projects with our many New Fabrics Every Month, send them to your Customer & Fabric Specialist today!


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