Friday, October 5, 2012

Greenhouse Fabrics Lost and Found

Working at Greenhouse Fabrics is a true pleasure.  The people are great and we have unbelievable customers.  We get phone calls every day for fabric orders, stock checks, fabric research, any of your fabric needs, that is no surprise.  We get other phone calls from time to time asking how we are doing or checking in on us, but earlier this week we had a first.

Terri with Zeiglers Window Coverings in Fort Wayne, Indiana recently got her new set of September sample books.  Excited to see the new product, she opened the box to find something unusual for sample books, a ring. The ring had some engravings on it and looked like something that was pretty valuable.  Terri called her Customer and Fabric Specialist Begee and explained what had happened.

Begee, Customer and Fabric Specialist
"When we found it-the poor person that lost it was probably frantic wondering what happened to it and that is why I called and spoke with Begee," explained Terri. "The ring has writing and a cross on it and looks like a special ring, maybe even a wedding band. Begee was great. She took the information and made a phone call to where the samples come out of in CA. I was touched when she called the next day to tell us that the owner was found and grateful and gave me his name and the address to send it to. It made all four of us feel very good that this simple act would make someone’s day. We consider ourselves a work family here. It made our day too!"
Begee described the situation as being "the craziest thing a customer has called her about."

Begee got with Terri and Terri was able to send the ring back from Indiana to California along with a note saying "Home again, home again."  I am happy to announce that the ring is back on the right hand and Terri loves her new sample books.  A wonderful ending to a wacky set of events.

Sample book company in CA



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