Thursday, December 6, 2012

Greenhouse Fabrics Web Tips

At Greenhouse Fabrics, we take pride in bringing you New Fabrics Every Month, providing you with the best Customer & Fabric Specialists in the business, and having unparalleled customer service.  We also take great pride in our website.  With listings of all our fabrics as well as many useful tools to help you get your job done, being able to utilize our website can help you and your business grow.  Here are a few helpful hints on how to maximize our website for your benefit!

Ever find the perfect pattern for your project and need it in another color or need to find coordinating fabrics to go with it?  We have done that for you!  Below each pattern is a list of other colors, coordinates, and previously viewed fabrics.

Listings of other colors for A5113 Apple

Coordinating fabrics for A5113 Apple

Need to download an image of one of our fabrics so you can send it to someone or print?  By clicking on the JPEG image, you can easily download and save images of our fabrics!  Also, zoom in and out on our fabrics using the "+", "-" buttons below the fabrics and return to the original size by clicking the "x".

Looking for leather, vinyl, faux leather, or drapery lining?  Click on "Other Products"

At the bottom of our home page are several useful tools as well.  Our Project Board can help you create a focused project for a client and narrow the selection so your customer is not overwhelmed or confused by the thousands of choices we have to offer.  You can also email your project boards or save them for later use.  

Manage your account, see previous orders you have placed, and edit credit card information and ship to information under "My Account".  Get lists of current books, dropped books, and master price lists under Support Tools.  There is so much to help you on our website so check it out!  It may help you on your next job!


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