Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Greenhouse Fabrics October Sample Book Preview

The October sample books are coming!  Four new books featuring bright and bold colors as well as heavy duty jacquard's and textures, and much more!

Book B72 "Jacquard Collection III" features over 50 fashionable heavy duty jacquard fabrics that are perfect for any project!

Book B73 "Primary Textures II" has great textured fabrics that look and feel great!  Great durability and an array of colors for your next project!

B74 and B75 are our "Bright, Bold, and Fun" books.  These unique multipurpose fabrics are great for a variety of projects!  You will be amazed at the beautiful colors and patterns of these fabrics that are fun and stylish!

For more information on these books, check out the website, or give us a call today!