Thursday, September 13, 2012

Greenhouse Fabrics at WCAA

Angela and Leah recently went and represented Greenhouse Fabrics at the WCAA meeting in Kentucky.  While there, they were able to set up a space to showcase some of our beautiful fabrics and interact with customers new and old.

Angela (left) and Leah (right) at the Greenhouse Fabrics table at the WCAA meeting

"We wanted to continue to get the Greenhouse name out there and show what we have to offer," explained Angela.  "It also gave us the chance to show our wonderful customers our new product!" 

 "Although the Disco party Friday night was fun, the best part of the trip for me was being able to meet with our customers who we talk to almost everyday on the phone and put a face with a name," said Angela with a smile.  "Since Greenhouse has customers from all over the country, it is a treat when we can meet face-to-face."

Overall, the response to Greenhouse Fabrics was positive!  "Current customers were talking about our great customer service and everyone in the office, and potential customers who are looking for something new and exciting love what we have to offer!  They like our selection and our style of fabrics," continued Leah.

Of the almost 150 people in attendance and the 25 vendors who were present, Angela is sure that everyone who went to the WCAA meeting in Kentucky will remember Greenhouse.



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