Thursday, September 3, 2015

DecoratorsBest Discusses 2015 Fabric Trends

In a recent interview with Barbara Karpf, owner of DecoratorsBest, we asked her to describe some of the most popular fabric trends of 2015 and to share her thoughts on the way traditional fabrics influence current designs.

GH: What do you feel are the most important fabric trends today?

BK: In today’s world, there are a vast number of choices and styles available for everyone. There are several fabric trends going on simultaneously today. Solid wovens with texture are prevalent, along with luxurious velvets and solids with a metallic sheen. Outdoor fabrics are becoming more and more versatile and can be used in any room setting. Geometrics and tribal patterns are very strong influences.

GH: What do you feel is the importance of geometric patterns today?
BK: Geometric patterns are everywhere and have a major influence on today’s designs. By themselves they have a fresh and contemporary look. They can easily mix with other geometric patterns, solids and are a great accent to give a room pizzazz.
Hexagons, labyrinths (or mazes), Greek key and trellis are timeless patterns. 

GH: How are modern florals different from traditional florals?  What are some good ways they can be used in room designs?   
BK: Modern florals are often adapted from traditional designs, however, modern florals are open with more empty space and simpler designs. They are less dense than their predecessors’. Traditional design lends itself to a more formal lifestyle, whereas modern florals adapt well to a more relaxed and casual lifestyle..that of the 21st Century.

GH: Which bygone eras have affected fabric designs in the last year?
In what ways? 

BK: Boho Chic, stemming from the ‘70s, has influenced fabric designs this past year. Jewel tones, luxurious textures and a multitude of patterns like plaids, florals and paisleys all mix together in a very casual and individualistic way. The soft feel of many of the fabrics has a rich sensuality to it. This style helps create a unique haven in our uber technological and depersonalized world.
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