Thursday, February 28, 2013

Greenhouse Fabric Finds

When Lauren and I came on board with Greenhouse Fabrics we joined forces with our marketing team and helped to create what we are calling “Greenhouse Finds”. We both thought it would be a fun idea to go “flea market-ing” for some charming old pieces of furniture that were in need of an upholstery makeover. I had purchased some dining chairs some time ago from Craigslist (just another word for modern day flea market) that were such a great buy and the style that I was looking for. They weren’t perfect, but they certainly had potential!  So, the makeover begins…….

The finished product!  Before and after.  Fabrics used: 10883 Saddle and A3846 Saddle

These Louis XVI chairs already had a pecan colored finish on them that was in good shape, so that would remain. So, that meant finding a fabric that would lend itself to that finish. Since I planned on using these around a dining table that had a dark finish with an almost black rub over it, the fabric really needed to incorporate both the wood tones of the chairs as well as the dining table. So together, Lauren and I pulled what we think to be some really great looks.


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