Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Helping out the Furniture Bank of Atlanta

Fabrics shows:
A3827 Slate, A3787 Ivory, and A4724 Rain
One of the reasons Greenhouse has such great customers is that they share the same values we do.  Anytime we hear of a customer that is working on a project for a local cause or organization we love helping out!  Here is a fun way Cherry Lane from Canton, GA helped homeless in her area by taking an old chair and turning it into a work of art.

The organization hosting the event, the Furniture Bank of Atlanta, specializes in helping homeless families get furniture for their new apartments and homes, as well as giving women who were victims of domestic violence furniture for a new start.

"The criteria was to take an old chair and turn it into a work of art, so I wanted to show off my quality and craftsmanship," explained Lori of Cherry Lane.  "I know how to do upholstery work and drapery work, so I needed to use those skills.  I have done projects like this before for my daughter with bows, so I figured why not try a tie!"

The chair "tie"-d into the workroom!
"This was my first year working with this group.  I originally thought it was too late to enter the auction until I got an email from the designer saying they were still looking for people to help.  I worked hard and got the chair done in 2 days!  I knew Greenhouse would have the fabric I needed in stock so I called my CFS Tabitha and she took care of me!  I am so thankful that Greenhouse loved the idea and supported the event enough to donate the fabric and get it to me just in time."

The chair was a top 4 money maker for the event and was so popular, the organization changed it from the silent auction to the live auction.  The chair sold for $1,300, which was enough money to beat out a trip to Disney including round trip air fair.

Admission to the auction was one bed for a member of the families they were helping.  A total of 252 beds was given, in addition to the money raised from the auction.  "I think this is an outstanding organization and I would love to work with them more! Special THANK YOU to Chris Hedgecock and staff for helping with the upholstery work!"


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