Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Customer and CFS Spotlight: Begee and Interior Designs From Above

Customer & Fabric Specialist Begee
When it comes to the members of our Customer & Fabric Specialist team, no one is like Begee.  Often referred to by everyone in the office as "Mrs. Begee" she brings a smile and cheer to work day in and day out.  Very few people care about their customers and their coworkers as much as Mrs. Begee, making her a great fit on the CFS team.

You may remember a previous blog we did on one of Begee's customers and a missing ring.  One of the employees at the company that makes our sample books lost their wedding ring.  Begee heard about this and remembered in calling one of her accounts that someone had found a ring in their box of books.  Begee took the lead on getting the ring back in the hand of the rightful owner, and was so happy to help!

"I love talking with our customers," explained Begee.  "We have a mutual fascination and appreciation for fabric, design, and all the different ways to explore it!  I get such a great feeling of accomplishment when I can work with my customers to pull together a project, I feel like a kid with all my excitement!"

Wendy and Tina of IDA
Don't  let her size fool you though, she is tough, and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.  "I grew up on a farm harvesting tobacco and, despite my 5'1" frame, played basketball in high school.  Growing up with three brothers helped me there."

Begee has such a love for design, it runs in the family.  Her daughter, Wendy, works at Interior Designs from Above (IDA), which is a comprehensive decorating source for homes, businesses and churches, providing services nationwide. "We have been in business for 10 years in Archdale, NC," says Wendy. "Greenhouse was the first fabric company to offer us an account and books when we began our business!" We continually pull Greenhouse books first because of the broad selection and great customer service reps."


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