Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Greenhouse Fabrics February Sample Books

Did you like your New Fabrics Every Month from January? Well make some more room because we have eight new books coming for February! These new contract and upholstery books are durable, affordable, and, most importantly, Made in the USA. Where did we get the inspiration for these books? You might be surprised!

For book B83 Contract & Residential I, the inspiration of these USA made fabrics have their origin in our northern neighbor. The chunky textures resemble the wool coats and fur hats that shelter Canadians from the harsh elements. These fabrics exhibit the same durable qualities for upholstery use in commercial locations as well as the home. The grass-like patterns and neutral colors were inspired by the Calgary Prairie in the province of Alberta while colors like ocean, adrift, nautical, and navy were inspired by the landscape at the Seaport of Vancouver.

Book B87 Timeless Wovens is enduring the test of time, these contract and home fabrics exhibit the qualities of the dance that served as an inspiration in color and design, the Jive. Most of these fabrics can withstand one hundred and twenty thousand double rubs which is comparable to several decades of use. The influence of the Jive, having been around since 1930, is apparent in these fabrics through the jagged designs representing the movement of the dance, black and white patterns symbolizing the early origins and classic style of the dance, and the vibrant flashes of color that characterize the Jive dancers across time.

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