Thursday, January 17, 2013

Greenhouse Fabrics Fabric of the Month: A1612 Cypress

Exotic, bold, and truly authentic, the A1612 Cypress designed by super model, Iman, incorporates inspiration from her early life in Africa as well as her time spent in travels around the world. Cultural aspects of her life in Somalia, Egypt, and Kenya are reflected in this cypress fabric. The rich hues in Egyptian architecture and ancient relics enliven the fabric while the design incorporates influence of cuneiform drawings and tribal face paintings. The details of the design exemplify the handwork and embroidery found in the fabrics in African villages. “Fabrics from around the world are what truly inspire me on all parts of my design,” states designer Iman in an interview with Kevin Sharkey. “My goal is to create affordable designs that have elegance with an earthy twist. I want people to see them as a cross breeding of design elements that creates beautiful blending of cultural richness.”


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