Thursday, January 31, 2013

Greenhouse Fabrics Does Leather

One of the duties our Customer & Fabric Specialists have is fabric research.  Our CFS team get daily calls from their customers looking for something specific for a client with particular needs and taste.  One of the things the CFS team keeps in mind is just because we don't have it in a book does not mean we can't get the right fabric in the right color at the right price for our customers.  A great example of that is with our leather.

Since we special order all of our hides form our leather suppliers and sell by the full hide, we are able to get almost any color, style, or feel leather you want!  While our leather waterfalls are a great source for finding some of our best selling leathers, just because you don't see it does not mean we can's get it!  One customer was in the market for a hair-on-hide for a project in their own home.  Their first step was calling Greenhouse and checking on what we could get.  We were able to contact the mill and get several different options for hides they had in stock that could ship within two days.

One of the hair-on-hides 

The customer ended up choosing this one
Tell us what you are looking for and we can send you pictures and let you pick your hide!
In addition to hair-on-hide leather, we can get shaved leather so thin you can almost tear it, we can get special colors upon request, and much much more!  Some customers look for shaved leather to use in automotive interiors or for special projects.  Call your personal CFS with all your research questions and let us find you the right fabric in the right color at the right price among all of our New Fabric Every Month!


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