Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Greenhouse April Color Books

Absolutely gorgeous!  There is no other way to describe our latest multi-purpose color books.  Fresh, new, and chic, each fabric is a masterpiece of artwork that will be sure to bring the “wow” factor into your customer’s space.  Our design team travels the world to find you the latest in fabrics and colors.  Traveling from Boston to Los Angeles, to New York City and Miami, our goal is to find you only the best in fabrics.  These six new color books present 300 new colors!  They will be your best samples books yet! 

The designer of book B40, Chartreuse-Sapphire-Orchid, resides in California where she is daily inspired by the beautiful, bright colors that the California beaches and lush landscapes bring.  Every time she picks up a paintbrush, new beautiful patterns and colors are born.  These unique designs will complete your customer’s space bringing it character and matchless beauty.  


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