Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Greenhouse Fabrics Color Blocking

Have you ever heard the phrase, “History tends to repeat itself?” Believe it! Here is a color trend that gained popularity in the 1960’s and again in the 1980’s that is making yet another come back today.... Color Blocking.

There was a large buzz around the return of this trend as retailers and designers are scrambling to put this look back on the market. We at Greenhouse have plenty of fabrics that would be great to use in a color blocking job.  Just check out what our customers have done with color blocking.  The finished product is absolutely beautiful!

When designing a job that will use color blocking remember to choose your approach (whether it be monochromatic or stand-alone), choose an appropriate color scheme, complete your look, determine appropriateness, and make flattering choices!  Color blocking can add a nice pop to drapery or combine all your inspiration in a room!

Photos by Charlene Neal  pureSTYLE



  1. Rowley Company (Susan Woodcock, Laurie Medford) and I are getting ready to present a webinar tomorrow with color blocking on drapes and quilt for a baby's room. All done with Greenhouse Fabric!

  2. We would love to see pictures! If you have any please send them to matt@greenhousefabrics.com