Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beauty. Excitement. Discovery.

Our A3220 Seamist fabric was directly inspired by the sketches, notes, and discoveries 
that Lewis and Clark found as they charted across the west.  They were prepared to 
establish trade routes with the Indians and map out a practical route across the western 
half of the continent.  This pattern captures the excitement of discovery through the notes 
about the breathtaking wild-life, landforms and plant-life they came across, the sketches 
they made, and a list of gifts they brought to give to the people they met along the way.  

The birds pictured on this pattern are the Great Blue Heron, the Tri-Colored Heron, 
the Green Backed Heron, the East African Balearic Crane and the Bittern.

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- Tiffany     

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