Thursday, May 15, 2014

Customer Spotlight: Clever Cover Ups

“Clever Cover Ups was created in 1992 when I turned a hobby into a full blown business! Having grown up with creative parents (my father with drawing, design and woodworking, and my mother with sewing, fashion design and pattern making) it was a natural thing for me to follow suit.  At the age of 5 I was given my first sewing machine and at the age of 10, my father gave me my first skill saw as a birthday gift! So by the age of 12, I not only sewed my entire wardrobe, but could build the closet to house it all,” exclaims Lori Leon, founder of Clever Cover Ups in Pittsburg, California.  Upholstery became a hobby for her parents, but to Lori, it became her passion.   

“In 1985 I went to work for a local auto upholstery shop, but after 7 years I realized that I enjoyed the furniture more than the automotive. So I left the job and began working on furniture part time while working a full time retail job.  In 1992 I decided to turn my hobby into a real business, and I've never regretted it,” Lori enthusiastically states.

Clever Cover Ups has worked with Greenhouse Fabrics for fifteen years on projects such as draperies, window treatments, custom built furniture, headboards, re-upholstery, and bedding!  In addition to this, Lori offers accessories and design consultations for paint, fabric, and furniture placement.  

“I love helping Lori on special projects for her customers.  I especially enjoy finding fabrics for her that seem impossible to locate,” expresses Tiffany, Lori’s Customer and Fabric Specialist from Greenhouse Fabrics.  

Lori particularly enjoyed working on the two chairs in the photos.  “These two pieces were for the same client. The wing back belonged to my client’s grandmother.  After it was completed, she placed it in her office where she enjoys it every day.  The floral chair is from her family room.  It is her father’s favorite spot when he is reading to her grandson,” Lori excitedly states.  “I love the challenge of working with prints and making them match up!”   

“When it comes to fabric choices, Greenhouse Fabrics is the only company I carry! You can always find what you like with Greenhouse and the quality of the fabrics is top notch! Any questions or concerns, the staff is always there to help, and especially my rep Tiffany!”  

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