Thursday, July 18, 2013

Greenhouse Favorites

As employees of Greenhouse Fabrics we are inspired everyday working around such amazing fabrics so we decided to share with you some of our team’s favorite fabrics and why they like them.

Tabitha has been with Greenhouse fabrics for several years. As a Sales Manager, she is a valuable member of our team both assisting customers as well as mentoring other Customer and Fabric Specialists. Her favorite pattern is A5632 Persian because she loves the color combination of teal and brown. She has currently used the pattern on her hamper and plans to use it in the future on pillows. “Red has always been my favorite color though my favorite boots are teal and brown. This pattern is a combination of all the colors I love. I am obsessed with trying to find clothes and accessories in these colors.“


Larry is an outstanding member of our warehouse team who helps to efficiently ship our customer’s orders. His favorite pattern is A3220 Seamist. As a fan of the TV show Duck Dynasty, he would like to have his favorite recliner covered in this pattern featuring ducks and birds. “On the weekends, I could relax sitting in my custom recliner watching Duck Dynasty.”


Shea’s favorite pattern is 203353S Safari. “It’s a pattern I would have loved to use in my kid’s room when they were babies. My son loves giraffes.” As the mother of five children, Shea is not only a Super Mom but also an indispensible part of the purchasing department here at Greenhouse Fabrics.

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