Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Greenhouse August Sample Books

Get ready to take a ride! On this sample book journey, we have seen fashion forward multi-purpose books in January, value priced upholstery fabrics in February, breathtaking gallery books in March, unprecedented color books in April, inspirational upholstery books in June, dynamic trilogy books in July, and now we are bringing you the latest in heavy duty contract and vinyl books! Technology has traveled a long way from black and white televisions to the high resolution smart phones we carry around with us today. This exciting transition in the times has been captured in these energetic fabrics and vinyls

Light. Sound. Movement. You can almost sense the action of these fabrics as they jump and flow from one to the other. Inspired by today’s technology and how information is quickly transmitted through air, each pattern conveys in a unique way this modern intermittent movement. Chevrons, textures, and flowing colors merge together creating unique masterpieces. The detailed weaves and bright, clear colors of turquoise, violet, apple and sunbeam resemble the crystal clear hues and concise movement seen in today’s high resolution images.

We have upheld our promise to you by providing New Fabrics Every Month! Visit Greenhousefabrics.com and check out these fabrics and all of our new books for 2013.


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