Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Customer & NPS Spotlight: Kristy and Amo Upholstery

Industry veteran Victor Cruz works on a project.
Being a New Partner Specialist (NPS) is no easy task at Greenhouse Fabrics.  The NPS is responsible for introducing new partners to the company, the business, and most importantly, the fabrics.  The relationship Greenhouse develops with our customers is what separates us from other fabric suppliers.  When it comes to building positive relationships and being an ambassador for the company, no one is quite like Kristy.

"Being relatively new to the industry, I make sure to listen and learn from our accounts who have been in business for years," explains Kristy.  "That knowledge is what allows me to work with New Partners, like Donna at Amo Upholstery.  She is so easy going and always open to new things, a lot like myself.  I am always excited about reading a new book on my deck or taking on new adventures with my wonderful husband on our motorcycle.  As a breast cancer survivor, I do not take anything for granted, especially how blessed I am to work everyday with such unbelievable people."

A6726 Driftwood, from book C06
Amo Upholstery is just over a year young.  Born of the love of fabrics, the business was started by a former middle school teacher, with a passion for textiles.  Donna Scott-Nusrala happened upon an opportunity to start the upholstery business when she was introduced to Victor Cruz, a 35 year veteran of the business.  “I was introduced to Greenhouse Fabrics by Victor,” Nusrala says. After spending hours in the design center and waiting for samples by mail, Donna decided to set up an account with Greenhouse on the advice from Victor.   She was thrilled with the samples and looks forward to New Fabrics Every Month.  “It's like receiving a gift in the mail.  I love the colors, textures and patterns.  I am proud to show the books to my customers. I could not believe that a good old fashioned fabric supplier would send books to someone just starting out.”

Kristy, New Partner Specialist

“Upon registering for an account, I received a call from Kristy introducing herself as my account manager," recalls Nusrala.  The sweet voice on the end of the phone was like reconnecting with an old friend. Every time I talk with her she is such a delight.  I decided that she must never have a bad day.  I am drawn to people with a positive uplifting attitude.  I love her insightfulness and her willingness to get me whatever I need.  She also educates me about fabrics.  Sometimes I think she can read my mind, like the time I was trying to match a vinyl.  I described it to her over the phone and she sent me some samples.  Wouldn't you know she found a perfect match for my customer.  I had it in my hand in 3 days." 

"Working with Kristy and Greenhouse is working with integrity.   My customers love that I can offer books in their homes and let them flip through them at their leisure.  I work with exceptional fabrics and exceptional people.  Working with Victor and Kristy has made starting this business effortless.  Knowing that I have their expertise and support, I land jobs with pride and confidence."

Give us a call and you will hear Kristy and all of our Customer and Fabric Specialists smile on the phone while helping you find the right fabrics, in the right color, at the right price.

- Matt

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