Thursday, June 13, 2013

Greenhouse Fabrics July Sample Books

Drum roll please…Greenhouse proudly introduces to you NEW Trilogy Books! It is a different kind of book, your workhorse and your “go to” for fabric needs. More New Fabrics Every Month than ever before.  Take these two books to a job and offer a world of choices to your customer. Following our seven upholstery books in June which cover hundreds of upholstery options, these two books take care of your multi-purpose needs.

Color Trilogy I
World-class talent and inspiration fashion this unique trilogy collection. Three divisions of refined patterns originate from three elite schools: Elgin Academy, The Colburn School, and Stanton Prep. Each fabric transitions into the next one in a single flow of color and harmony. Listen closely. The captivating sound of the Colburn Orchestra echoes through metallics and the organized rhythm of symmetrical patterns. Notice the detail. Each dot, textured yarn, and weave is a tribute to the genius of the Nobel Prize winners, symphony musicians, and Olympic athletes who inspired them. All in all, this select trilogy brings you a paramount collection of expertly designed fabrics.

Color Trilogy II
The mystical Latvian festival Jani, intricate Faberge designs, and the elements of escape and freedom associated with the island of Bermuda unexpectedly merge in a dynamic trilogy of inspiration. These three divisions represent three facets of influence: celebration, authenticity, and fantasy. Jani, celebrated in the heart of summer, is thought to be a time when the forces of nature are the most powerful because the boundary dividing the physical and spiritual world is the thinnest. Embark on a journey through the mystical patterns and glimmering textures that marry imagination and reality. The exquisite grandeur of authentic Faberge jewel designs are embodied in the complex details of the diamonds and medallions while the iridescent qualities of the jewelry are represented by the rich luster present in the ribbed textures and sateens. These charming qualities can be appreciated at the pinnacle of this trilogy journey under a veranda in Bermuda. Free your imagination and absorb the wonder of island splendor through colors of aegean, aquamist, indigo, and seafoam.


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