Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Greenhouse Fabric Finds

Our Customer & Fabric Specialist team are great at spotting our fabrics and envisioning a new way to use them to transform your next project.  A tool they use for gaining inspiration and their vision is by looking at pictures from our customers of their jobs.  Looking for a little inspiration or some neat ideas for our fabric?  Here are a few examples that may help!

Use fabrics with a pattern that reflects art on the wall!  See the mirrors below?

11315 Truffle, 10712 Spring

Using fabric on a patio?  Tie it in with the scenery.

99430 Denim, 99435 Denim

Use color in your cording and pillows to give a neutral couch a splash of color.

A3620 Sapphire, A2962 Pool, A6145 Indigo, 99436 Denim

Send your unique project images to customerservice@greenhousefabrics.com !  We look forward to seeing what you have done!


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