Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Customer and NPS Spotlight

Matt and Northeast Window Treatments

“I like being the first impression for Greenhouse Fabrics,” explains Matt, one of our New Partner Specialists.  He has the privilege of working with new accounts when they first come on board with Greenhouse.  “I like helping them grow their business from the ground up.”  After the first six months of buying, he ushers them on to their own Customer and Fabric Specialist who will take care of all of their specific needs while he continues to welcome new accounts into the Greenhouse family.  One customer he has worked with is Susan from Northeast Window Treatments in Raymond, Maine.  “I enjoyed working with her because she would let me know in advance what she needed me to keep my eye out for.  It made it easy to research and find exactly what she needed.”

A1172 Stream

A1925 Wenge
Susan has always had a passion for working with beautiful fabrics.  “There is a constant thread that runs through my life, no pun intended; it is sewing,” she shares.  It all started when she received a sewing machine as her first paycheck for babysitting her cousin.  Beginning with Barbie doll clothes, then on to her own creative clothing, her sister’s prom dress, and her daughter’s Christening gown, the Kodak moments of her life reflect what she has sewn for each occasion.  In 2006 she was given the opportunity to work as a supplier for Sabre Yachts providing drapery work, custom bedding, and décor pillows for their beautiful yachts.  She works out of her home with her husband furnishing over sixty of these yachts with incredibly unique designs tailored for each one.  On several of these jobs, she has enjoyed working with Greenhouse because, “Having a Customer and Fabric Specialist makes everything run much smoother.  They also have the ability to target the best fabric choices and have been most helpful in researching and locating nautical type fabrics for use in my business.”  Another helpful service she appreciates is shipping memo samples directly to her customers.  “Most of my clients are out of state and though we may never meet face to face, I am able to easily work with them to coordinate their fabric selections with the help of Greenhouse Fabrics and their extremely prompt and excellent customer service.” 


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