Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter From Greenhouse

Wishing you a peaceful and blessed Easter Holiday!  Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Fabrics shown left to right, top to bottom: A4953 Capri, A4955 Peach, A4956 Bermuda, A4957 St Thomas

Fabrics shown left to right, top to bottom: A3570 Heather, A3571 Grape, A3572 Wisteria, A3573 Heather


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  1. The endowment of affection and bliss is an honorable blessing. The blessing or His passing and restoration is the noblest endowment of all. May your home flood with the Holy Spirit on Easter!
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    Easter is another motivation to celebrate and to be thankful for the revival of Jesus Christ, our guardian angel. Have a happy Easter!