Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Greenhouse Customer and CFS Spotlight

Pattern 11110 Mist
Of all our Customer & Fabric Specialists, Tiffany is one of the first to see all the New Fabrics Every Month.  Why?  She is a part of our Design Team that helps select the fabrics and lay out sample books.  While we are eagerly anticipating the release of our April books, Tiffany is diligently working on books coming out in August and September!  Having such involvement in the product selection process helps Tiffany keep her customers up to date with all our new fabrics and help their business grow!

"I like my customers," explained Tiffany. "I enjoy talking to them and in turn I think they enjoy talking to me. I care about how they are doing and I am willing to do whatever I can to help them build their business whether that is researching for a job they are working on or finding out what kind of books they would like to receive for their specific customer base."

"I have many customers I have built relationships with, but I have probably worked the closest with Charlotte Connors at Charlotte's Custom Draperies. We enjoy working together on projects such as stage curtains for a church, fourteen foot tall drapes for a baptistery, the habitat house, her mother’s sofa, and even her own bedroom!"  

Charlotte had great things to say about her relationship with Tiffany as well.  “You guys always answer the phone! You are friendly and bubbly and you have great service! Greenhouse is definitely my fabric company!  It seems strange, but I just feel really close to Tiffany.”

"We occasionally get to talk about what we do outside of work," explained Tiffany. "She has three sons and five grandchildren including identical twin boys. She started sewing as a stay at home mom to have income when her kids went off to college and loved it so much she started a business. Charlotte found out that I was going on a mission trip to Vietnam and India last September and she wanted to be on my e-mail list. When I wasn't able to contact anyone for three days, she had her church, prayer group, and best friend praying for me!"

Stripe on pillow A1082 Oasis, and print is 11113 Horizon

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