Thursday, March 21, 2013

Greenhouse at Home

We brought you the chairs, now see the rooms! Great quality photos from our customers and their projects. These are all projects that their Customer & Fabric Specialist helped them create with coordinating fabrics and color schemes to make a very beautiful finished product. What projects are you working on that your CFS can help you with? 

A1635 Ebony (Bedspread), A1636 Black Jack (Windows), A1638 Dusk (Pillow), 

99478 Red (Bedspread), 10722 Savanna (Pillows), 11187 Cinnamon (Pillows), 11304 Allspice (Roman Shade)

A1015 Safari (Bedspread), A1016 Metro (Pillows), A1840 Parchment (Window), A1044 Metro (Pillows), A1028 Spice (Pillows)


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