Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Greenhouse Customer Spotlight and Customer & Fabric Specialist: Lisa and H & F Upholstery

Lisa, Greenhouse Customer & Fabric Specialist

Customer & Fabric Specialist:

Greenhouse Fabrics has personal Customer & Fabric Specialists (CFS) that work with customers everyday to build relationships and learn about their business.  One of our CFS, Lisa, has been with Greenhouse for years and has been able to grow and cultivate strong, lasting relationships with many of our customers.  Lisa is our in-house leather expert and personally makes sure all leather orders that come through Greenhouse are perfect for the customer.

Lisa has plenty of experience and helps with almost every aspect of operation at Greenhouse.  Aside from being a Sales Manager and a CFS, Lisa handles all leather orders.  If you have any questions about leather, Lisa is the person to ask.  Whether it be questions on how to clean and treat leather, or trying to find something to match a color theme, Lisa has you covered.  

Lisa always enjoys spending time with her grandson Kesean, who is her "pride and joy."  She is very involved with her church and loves her church family.  Always cheerful and willing to help, the answer to most questions in the office are, "have you asked Lisa?"  One of the many relationships she has built in her almost 15 years with Greenhouse is with Ellie and Doris with H & F Upholstery in Charlotte, NC.

Customer Spotlight:

H & F Upholstery is a family owned and operated business about an hour south of Greenhouse Fabrics in High Point, NC.  Doris' (current employee) dad started the business in 1948 and continue to make custom bedding and any other type of furniture that comes through the door.  H & F never advertises their business, however they work with lots of designers in the Charlotte area and use them to spread their name.  Their work continues to speak for itself, as they keep doing business for the same customers, and now their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren!

Doris and Ellie at H & F in Charlotte, NC

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