Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Greenhouse Fabrics Recycled Leather

Unbelievable!  We are on board with the latest trends in color, fabric, and now, recycled leather!  Our January books added 275 new colors to our line while our February books bring you the latest in upholstery including three coordinating recycled leathers and beautifully inspiring fabrics such as our A3220 Seamist.

There are many advantages of using recycled leather.  It has the appearance of leather and contains leather but can be sold at a quarter of the price.  Leather scraps that otherwise wouldn’t be used are joined together on the back of the fabric.  It is then covered with polyurethane.  Sometimes the fibers from the wasted leather are combined to make the material.  It is considered to be a soft and high quality material and its beauty and durability can only be matched by genuine leather.

Coming soon we will have a complete recycled leather book with all of the leather looks you are looking for!



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