Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Greenhouse Fabrics: Fall 2011 Color Trends

Pantone Fashion + Home has announced the 10 colors of fall! These colors are “sensible and spirited,” and all pair fabulously together. You will be seeing these colors on the runway, streets, and homes all fall long! Stay trendy with these fall colors at Greenhouse!

Picture courtesy of Pantone.com

Bamboo is a shade of yellow with a green undertone. It’s like a fall sun shining through on a cloudy day. Pair with phlox, honeysuckle, or teal for a dramatic look.

                  98149 Pinna                                               98518 Sunshine
Emberglow is a radiant fall color reminiscent of the changing leaves and burning fire. It’s perfect for an accent color on a side chair or pillows.

                  98407 Coral                                                 98793 Shrimp
Honeysuckle is Pantone’s color of the year, so we will continue to see it throughout the fall. Honeysuckle offers a fun intensity to this fall color palette. For more on this color, check out our previous blog on Honeysuckle.

                  11216 Hibiscus                                          201956S Fuschia
Phlox is a deep, rich purple that exudes mystery and class. It can make a statement all by itself or paired with the neutral fall colors or a more sophisticated look.

                  A1502 Royal                                                99322 Fiesta

Cedar is a neutral green tone. Its cool color portrays a forest at dusk. Use cedar to create an earthy feel when paired with coffee liqueur or nougat.

                   94977 Clover                                        99190 Pistachio
Deep teal is a dark blue, green mix. This color can be seen in the fall sky as night falls. For a unique look, pair this fall color with honeysuckle.

                  11301 Calypso                                                  75353 Jade

Coffee Liqueur is a fall staple. It adds strength to any outfit or room, and is a great alternative to a basic black.

               11122 Chocolate                                             A1705 Leather

Nougat adds a light neutral to fall’s color line up. It softens any combination and pair’s great with all the other fall colors to create an airy look or balance out a bold combination.

                    97840 Flax                                              A1857 Tea Stain

Orchid Hush is a soft grey color with purple undertones, like frost on a cool fall morning. Pair it with Phlox for a feminine monochromatic scheme.

                    98808 Smoke                                              A1198 Clover

Quarry, a grey tone of teal, is our last fall color. It rounds out the top 10 perfectly, as it goes with any and all of the previous colors. Quarry is great for toning down any of the brighter colors and vamping up the lighter ones!

                  97731 Azure                                                    A1745 Sky

Check out Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2011 for more information on these color trends! Also be sure to look at the Greenhouse website to see all the fabrics we have to help you stay trendy this fall!


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