Friday, July 29, 2011

Greenhouse Fabrics Spotlight: Microfibers, Inc.

Taking field trips is something you can enjoy at any age. Yes, it’s true, as we age (or as I like to call it, become wiser) field trips turn into work trips, but there is still something exciting about discovering the possibilities of an unfamiliar place.

Last week Melissa and I had the opportunity to shadow Kim Cornetet, Greenhouse’s First Lady, to Microfibres Inc., in Winston Salem, NC. Microfibres Inc. produces one of Greenhouse’s top selling workhorses, and we were excited to see just how they make their fabrics. 
201955S Lipstick

While touring the plant we had the opportunity to watch fabric go from a plain canvas, to a beautiful piece of art. The process was very interesting; each color was individual painted on. First the pink, then the blue, then the purple and so on. 

The most intriguing part came towards the end of the production; Microfibre Inc. is one of the only mills in North Carolina that still flocks fabric, which is what gives fabric a soft, textured finish. In order to do so, nylon threads are cut into tiny, little pieces and treated with a magnetic current, then sprinkled onto the designated spots on the fabric.

The final product was beautiful, and we were all amazed at how perfectly everything came together. We were even lucky enough to take home a piece of the fabric we saw being made!

We appreciate Microfibres Inc. for giving us the opportunity to tour their facility!
201956S Fuschia

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