Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Greenhouse Fabrics Top Ten: Workhorses

No, we have not switched to breeding horses here at Greenhouse, although we do have a few horse riders in the office. We still sell fabric, but like any business we have some items that are very popular, which we call our workhorses. Imagine McDonalds without the Big Mac, or Burger King without the Whopper; hard to imagine. Well, now that you are hungry for a burger, let me try and subdue your appetite with some food for thought. Greenhouse Fabrics presents the Top-10 workhorses in our warehouse:

Starting off with number 10…

#10 Linen-Book # A50, 46 colors:
Here is a classic! Linen, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt, is a versatile fabric. For more information on Linen, check out our blog entry “Linen: Fabric of the Pharaohs” (how is that for a shout out!)

#9 Faux Silk- Book # A51, 54 colors:
Ahhh, I love the feel of this fabric. Great for bedspreads and drapery use, this soothing fabric reminds me of a blanket I had as a child, so wrap up and relax in a faux silk blanket as the list continues…..

#8 Velvet-Book #A78, 41 colors:
One of my personal favorites to sit on, velvet makes furniture so comfortable and soft. Originally made from silk, velvet now has a nice uniform surface look and is considered “plush” when the pile is more than 1/8 of an inch.

#7 Texture-Book #967, 39 colors:
Texture can add so much. Food critics can judge a food based on texture (ok, sorry, last food reference) and valuable stones have different textures. This is true for fabric as well. Having a little texture on a fabric requires the material to be interwoven precisely for maximum comfort.

#6 Sunbrella-Book #A58, 30 colors:
The fact that this fabric can withstand the weather brings it up our list. Bring it on Mother Nature, this fabric is up for the challenge.

Check back next week when we reveal the rest of the top ten and end all this suspense. 


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