Thursday, June 30, 2011

Greenhouse Fabrics Customer Spotlight: Susan from McAllister Designs

When Susan McAllister of McAllister Designs walked into our showroom on Friday May 6th, she was on a mission. Her task was to find the perfect fabric for her client’s transitional style home. She wanted an accent piece that would capture the attention in the room, while at the same time, be durable enough to handle busy kitchen traffic. Little did Susan know that walking into our showroom that day would help her finish the job in under a week! Let's see how she did it... 

98803 Cocoa

Susan walked out of our showroom that day with a sample of 98803 Cocoa, and that afternoon she presented the fabric to her client.

By Saturday morning Susan was ready to place her order; she ordered online and took advantage of our Free Online Shipping special during the month of May.  Greenhouse recieved the order on Monday morning and shipped it out the same day. 

“The fabric arrived Tuesday morning,” says Susan. And by Friday afternoon Susan was able to deliver the completed stools to her client. “One week, start to finish!,” says Susan, “Greenhouse has the BEST website, customer service and during the month of May shipping was free....does it get any better!"

We are positive that Susan isn’t the only one who has experienced a quick turn around with Greenhouse Fabrics; we would love to hear your story too!



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