Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Value Fabrics and Football

You might have realized that value fabrics at Greenhouse are 25% off until the end of May. This got us thinking, have we been able to communicate what value fabrics are? So to give you a better look at them here is a quick summary for value fabrics:
  1. Low cost! Not cheap in quality, but in price. 
  2. Limited. We have a limited amount and once we run through what we have, that’s it. 
  3. Uh…on sale… (Okay, I promise to stop with this point.) 
But what are you going to do with value fabrics? They are such a good value it seems like they should be used on very special projects. Well, we had some ideas we thought we would share.

Let’s say you need to recover the Georgia Dome. That’s 8.6 acres to cover the roof, convert that to square feet...well, I’ll skip the math but I assure you its correct (I do work in accounting you know, I’ll even factor in waste!) Then let’s find a nice red fabric to match the football team, 72217 should do nicely. That comes to $66,232 for the entire roof. Compare that to using a fabric priced somewhat more expensive, let’s say, something $34.99. That would be $1,048,625!
Made with Greenhouse Value Fabrics!

Now, I don’t expect the team’s front office to be calling anytime soon (if they do congrats!), but value fabrics are great for your everyday jobs as well.

Now to calculate the price to cover the space elevator in paisley….


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