Monday, May 23, 2011

Greenhouse Gets Fit: 5 Things not to do in a Company Gym

The Greenhouse gym is well stocked with equipment

At Greenhouse we believe in being healthy, staying fit, and eating right. The best way for us to be healthy: have an onsite gym and break room stocked with healthy food options and water. Since we are new to having a gym here, we have quickly found out some very important Do’s and Don’ts that have helped us with our workout routines. Hopefully these will not only amuse you, but help coordinate a successful workout plan as well…

Five Things NOT to do in a Company Gym:

5. When working out it is popular for everyone to have in their headphones and jam out to some Pearl Jam and AC/DC. This is acceptable. However, keep in mind that those bands get paid to sing their songs, you do not. Be courteous to those working out around you and save the karaoke for the weekends and not in the office gym. Of course this rule is waived if you do get paid to sing, just don't send us the bill!

4. Check a calendar for me…go ahead, I will give you a minute…Okay, so as you can see the 80’s are over, so the gym attire needs to reflect this. What not to wear: shorts more than 3 inches above the knee, crazy head bands, cut off t-shirts, knee socks, and of course shirts that do not touch the top of your shorts (aimed at the guys here!). This clothing choice can be more distracting than effective in working out. In comparison, go for more of a casual workout outfit with clothing that fits, try to avoid looking too much like anyone from the 80's versions of FAME, footloose, or FlashDance.

3. The treadmill is not a toy. Turning the speed up high and then trying to jump on it and run is not a smart idea. We have seen people slide down the treadmill like an overpowered conveyer belt. The pain that will ensue from the landing will not be as bad as the humiliation from flying through the window at high speeds.

2. Please, use a spotter. Even if you are not doing that much weight, which most of us here are not body builders, you need someone there to help you in the last few reps. Inevitably, you will get the weight down and be unable to get it back up. This goes for more than just the free weights, we have found that using spotters on the rowing machine, treadmill, elliptical, and even at the water fountain has prevented 100 % of all injuries.

1. Be realistic. Nobody on the office is going to compete for the World’s Strongest Man competition anytime soon, so keep the grunting to a minimum. Also, the obsession with protein and all that is fine, but not every program is good for everyone. Keep that in mind as you try to force your protein shake down with one hand…while you curl with the other…while doing squats…not cool man.

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