Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining"

Well at Greenhouse we have taken this saying quite literally by creating the silver lining to solve your drapery problems, pun intended. It is our new drapery lining book which includes a selection of eco-friendly products and is designed to assist you with finding the right lining, in the right color, at the right price.

There are no more guessing games when trying to determine which lining is best.  This book lists specific benefits of each lining while addressing the two most basic questions concerning drapery lining; why use lining and what to consider when selecting a lining.

Book C19 
Why use lining:
        - UV protection
        - Light exclusion
        Thermal insulation
        Noise insulation
        Improve drape and body
        Extend life of fabric
        Professional look

What to consider when selecting a lining:
Room location and sunlight
- Temperature control
- Weight and type of face fabric
- Style of curtain
- Noise reduction
- Outside appearance
- Fire code
- Cotton vs poly/cotton blend

Our new drapery lining book, C19, offers a complete selection of linings including different weights, fiber content, colors, thermal insulation and light control.  Several of the products are certified as eco-friendly with natural cotton like our Classic Napped, Classic Sateen, Ruby Plus, Royal sateen, Cotton Deluxe and more. Whether you are looking for 100% cotton or a poly/cotton blend, sheer to out-black, or that perfect interning, we have it all. 

So remember, never feel hopeless again when selecting a lining.  This book is a valuable tool to make lining decisions effortless for every designer and workroom.  Give us a call at Greenhouse Fabrics and one of our Customer & Fabric Specialists will be happy to assist you! 

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