Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Greenhouse Fabrics Customer Quilt

We love hearing stories about how many of our New Fabrics Every Month inspire our customers.  We get many photos of jobs and share even more hoping inspiration finds you and gives you ideas for your next project.  This inspiration is a little different, however, as it inspires the soul.  

We received this letter from one of our wonderful customers along with a couple pictures.  It moved us to share with everyone, hoping to continue the inspiration.

 "Greenhouse fabrics has the best selection and the friendliest service. While all of my projects turn out perfect, I often end up with left over pieces of fabric, too small to use but too large to throw away.  I came up with a use for them that I think you will appreciate. Our church traveled to Nicaragua on a mission trip and visited people living in stick houses at the dump. The poorest of the poor. The outside of the houses had been covered with empty dog food bags (somewhat water resistant), if anything, to keep out the weather. Most shacks have no doors for privacy. I took the bag of scraps and sewed together a cloth tapestry to be hung as doors. Our group is going back in November. I began to think about all the fabric you send out and what happens to the left over pieces after the job is done. I hate to think of them being thrown out. If anyone would like to get rid of the accumulation of spare fabric to a good cause we will make good use of them. We are hoping to assemble 50 to 100 to send with our mission team in November of this year. Thank you for inspiring me to start this project!"

-Sidney, Tapestry of Love

If you are interested in helping, contact your Customer & Fabric Specialist for more information.


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