Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Customer and CFS Spotlight: Kristen and Custom Made Drapes

Drapes A3468 Blosson
Customer & Fabric Specialists at Greenhouse Fabrics wear many hats.  One of the key skills each CFS possesses is their abilities in fabric research.  It takes a great deal of product knowledge to be a successful researcher, as we continue to have New Fabrics Every Month, the number of books and fabrics continues to grow.  Sometimes, finding that perfect fabric for your job, or selecting the best replacement for a fabric that did not quite work can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Luckily, Greenhouse has CFS like Kristen, who loves working with her customers, and who is a wiz at fabric research.

Kristen, Greenhouse CFS
"I love being able to find the right fabrics that a client is needing and seeing the end result," explains Kristen.  "I always try to know what projects my customers are working on so I can be on the lookout for fabrics that may work for their jobs. I have some clients that are always on the lookout for new nautical patterns. When I see these new fabrics come through I’ll make a point to call my customer and see if they are needing the new samples.

"When not at work, my husband and I enjoy travelling locally and long distance," she continues.  "We like to find new eateries and spend a lot of our time building relationships with our friends over food. We are also prepping for the arrival of our first baby coming later this summer."

One of Kristen's customers, Jean from Custom Made Drapes, has been in business 28 years, and still loves it as much today as she did when she started.  She loves working with Kristen, "I know I can call [Kristen] when a customer finds a pattern we cannot find or get anymore.  She keeps me updated with new fabrics, issues with orders, and always calls me when she finds a new fabric that would be great for the jobs I am working on."

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