Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Greenhouse Fabrics June Sample Books

Books are back in a BIG way with our signature, “New Fabrics Every Month”, showcasing our June collection. These fabrics have it all; a designer look with the durability to withstand those high traffic areas. Featuring new designs, textures, and colors to transform your next project into one your client will be showing off for years to come!

In the new collection we are introducing a new line of microfiber called Infinesse. Infinesse is essentially impenetrable. These soft and luscious fabrics endure and are unyielding to all life throws at them. They are resistant to wear, fading, and bleeding. The Nylon “miracle fiber” used inherently gives the fabric extra life and durability. Cleaning is simple. Liquids are repelled and bead up on the surface for easy-blotting with a cloth. A barrier of protection is built right into the fabric and prevents stains. The mastery of design behind each of these fabrics is made complete with one essential feature, the goods are produced in the USA.

In these books, inspiration from the fashion designs of French aristocrat Hubert de Givenchy contrast with the traditional patterns influenced by the historical buildings in Atlanta, Georgia. Traditional florals, plaids and plush textures mirror the Georgian décor style. Givenchy’s design influence is apparent in the contemporary patterns and cashmere-like textures. These seemingly opposing styles work together and enhance each other creating a merged beauty of the classic and the contemporary.

Make sure you receive these books and call your Customer & Fabric Specialist today, or call and order memo samples of these fabrics that will ship the same day!


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