Thursday, September 6, 2012

Greenhouse Fabrics Customer Spotlight and Customer Fabric Specialist Spotlight: Sylvie and Tabitha

Sylvie Casper, Top Quality Window Treatments

Sylvie Casper at Top Quality Window Treatments worked with her client in Centreville, VA to create these beautiful London Shades.  "The couple wanted something elegant to complement their Stickley furniture and Asian artwork," Sylvie conveyed.  "She loved the 'Marble, Parchment, Linen' book so we knew the sleection would be from that book."  Sylvie left the book with her customer over the weekend and she fell in love with these two fabrics.  They got the idea for the style from The Window by Becky Charton and Belinda Brolo.  They are fully functioning London SHades, but the customer has them secured at the same length in order to keep them out of reach of their pets!  Since this job, Sylvie has gotten to work with this "delightful" client again to decorate her living room, den, and master bedroom!

Tabitha Spivey, Customer and Fabric Specialist

I have been in the fabric business for 14 years now, 11 years of which have been spent with Greenhouse Fabrics as a Customer & Fabric Specialist.  Although I have seen many changes throughout the fabric industry, I still feel the same passion for helping customers create a beautiful finished job.  Coming from a retail background of selling jewelry for 8 years, I understamd all the ins and outs of a small business, consumers and retail sales.  Nothing excites me more than when a customer lands a large job, or when the samples I sent were perfect for their job.  Knowing I can help my customer grow their business and become successful with all the sconomic challenges of today, assures me that the big fabric stores are not going to hurt out business or push the small upholstery shops and designers out of the picture for the cuture of the fabric industry.  I have two wonderful children, Courtney, 21 and Ross, 17; and in our spare time, we always try to find weekend getaways to ride our horses and enjoy the outdoors.  I have also started my own small business of designing a printing t-shirts and pillows."

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