Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Greenhouse Fabrics Outbound Team Spotlight: Tabitha

Greenhouse Fabrics would like to introduce you to one of our own.  We know so much about our customers, what they do, what projects they are doing, and we wanted to share who we are with you.  Meet one of our veterans on our Outbound Team and one of our Customer and Fabric Specialists, Tabitha.

“I’ve been in the fabric business for 14 years now, 11 years of which have been spent with Greenhouse Fabrics as a Customer and Fabric Specialist.  Although I have seen many changes throughout the fabric industry, I still feel the same passion for helping others create a beautiful finished job.  Coming from a retail background of selling jewelry for 8 years, I understand all the ins and outs of a small business, consumers and retail sales.  Nothing excites me more than when a customer lands a large job, or when the samples I sent were perfect for their job.  Knowing I can help my customer grow their business and become successful with all the economic challenges of today, assures me that the big fabric stores are not going to hurt our business or push the small upholstery shops and designers out of the picture for the future of the fabric industry.”

When asked about her most memorable experiences with customers, Tabitha had to think long and hard.  "HMMM so many…..The one that stands out in my mind right now is Larry Stuckey with Stuckeys. He is redoing sofas in a dorm at a local college. He was in need of a low cost but nice vinyl, and I was able to find him something we didn’t carry at the time, but started ordering for him. Now, he has ordered over 12 rolls and we now not only stock the color he has been using, but Greenhouse now carries that full line of vinyl and our customers love it! That is the value vinyl book…"

 “I have two children, Courtney, 21 and Ross, 17; and in our spare time, we always try to find weekend getaways to ride our horses and enjoy the outdoors. I have also started my own small business of designing and printing t-shirts and pillows. When it comes to my horses, Cherokee is my main man. He is semi retired because he is 22 years old, I have had him the longest. Cowboy is Courtney's horse, he is around 18, and my other two are Shadow, 9 years old, and Dusty 8 years old." 

Tabitha and her four beautiful horses Cherokee, Cowboy, Dusty, and Shadow.


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