Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Greenhouse Fabrics Made in the USA

Greenhouse has a special link under the Fabric header on the website called Made in the USA.  This link features fabrics that were made right here in America.  We also have a link to all of our Made in the USA sample books.

There are several companies that specialize in fabric made in the USA. Today, more and more people are calling in and asking where the fabric is made, where it was woven, and where it was finished, all looking for that genuine American product.

Is there really a correlation to where the fabric is made and the quality of the fabric? The quality and price gap between us and China is getting smaller; there is a lot of value in fabric made in the USA. Overseas ordering has had issues with quality and it takes too long to get in. With our fabric in the states, the turnaround is much faster and the quality is great!

“We try and get made in the USA fabric every chance we can,” commented Greenhouse President Mike Bivins, “We buy from most of the major U.S. mills.” Greenhouse has a listing of over 3,000 different patterns under the Made in the USA section on the website. Go to Greenhousefabrics.com to see our selection of fabrics made in the USA!


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