Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Greenhouse Fabrics meets Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

What an experience. Every week, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition grants families in need a new dream home.  It is hard not to get emotional (yes, even for me) while watching the families see their new home for the first time.  Well, I can now say with first-hand experience, there is nothing like seeing it in person and hearing a story that hits so close to home.

When Greenhouse was contacted about donating our fabrics to the show for a project they were doing in Fayetteville, NC we happily said yes! With not knowing the history for the family or the house, we kept in contact with the designers about the progress.  Back on July 22nd (a VERY hot day) I was invited down to the house to see the progress as they were in the final stages.  Not knowing what to expect, I can honestly say I was floored by all the hard work that was done and the family that was being helped from this amazing show.
The Marshall Home

The house looked amazing!  Walking up I noticed it looked a little different than a typical home, but that is just how Extreme Home Makeover does things.  After meeting with Jody, the Associate Producer of Design, she took me on a tour of the house.  Everything from the floors to the ceiling was remarkable.  There were all kinds of cool, unique features to the house that I would have never dreamed of.  From their own two story play room inside the house to a White House Replica outdoor fun house. The family truly loved their new home.
Barbara Marshall's Master Bedroom with Greenhouse Fabric

Barbara Marshall, a 15-year Military Veteran, is the reason for all the work.  Barbara takes in homeless women who are military veterans and takes care of them. She gives hope to these veterans who have served our Country, by giving them a second chance. The house now has two parts for the families to have their own space, while also giving the children their own place to play.   First lady Michelle Obama was even present for the filming, and worked extensively on a Greenhouse and a White House replica play house for the children.  The first lady went down in conjunction with the “Joining Forces” initiative, and wanted to make sure that Barbara Marshall and the women of the Jubilee home were taken care of.  Singer Rhianna also paid the family a visit during the filming.

A relaxing study area made with Greenhouse Fabric just outside the master bedroom

Overall the experience was awesome.  Seeing the work that goes on behind the scenes of such an exceptional show and listening to the story of such a remarkable family was tremendous.  The story of the families the show is helping really has a lasting impact on the community as well as those who watch the show and the thousands of volunteers who helped from day one to make this possible.

Greenhouse was so fortunate to be asked to be a part of something so special, and we only wish the best to Barbara Marshall and all the veteran women in the Jubilee home.


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