Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inspired By: The Biltmore Estate

On a recent trip to the Biltmore Estate with my mom, I couldn’t help but notice all the gorgeous fabrics displayed in the estate. From draperies to bedding, the Vanderbilts surrounded themselves in luxurious fabrics from head to toe! Who wouldn’t want to be in the presence of such beautiful things all day long? You can! Greenhouse Fabrics has dozens of fabrics that reflect the decadence of the Biltmore.

Using silks and velvets will exude the classic elegance of 1895 when the estate first opened on Christmas Eve.

The rich red fabrics used in Mr. Vanderbilt’s room convey a sense of masculinity. 

92034 Scarlet 
A1802 Crimson 

Try fabrics with frames and medallions to create a formal atmosphere, like these:

99171 Sapphire 
98075 Mahogany 

Floral patterns will bring you back to the beautiful gardens found throughout the estate. 

98856 French Roast
72214 Rouge

We have many more fabrics at Greenhouse to create a Biltmore of your own! Check out our website to explore the possibilities, and visit the Biltmore in person for even more inspiration! 


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